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“Impression of China” Rarone Deducted Native Art at Baselworld, 2014

Basel exhibition (named Baselworld) held as scheduled from 27th.Mar. to 3rd, Apr.2014.

As the "Best world watch exhibition", Baselworld is regarded as the top event of the global watch industry, known as "clocks & watch Oscar", which has high requirement on exhibitors’ brand. The leading commercial watch brand RARONE, together with the Chinese Pavilion Group, exhibited classical designs at hall 2 of international brand hall at Baselworld. RARONE new products "impression of China" collection as the premier event of its kind in the world to represent the cultural responsibility of Chinese brands, and bring modern watch brand to China deep and rich culture of the special reading and all over China style, creating RARONE design and brand culture

The exhibition was fruitful. On the one hand, the unique positioning of commerce watches distinguished even among the International wristwatch stage. On the other hand, melting into Chinese cultural elements and made China culture popular. The heritage of Chinese traditional culture in a foreign land shows RARONE respect for own culture and the carving depth of cultural belief and got good reviews by foreign watch lovers.

In addition, during the exhibition, Mr. Zhu Hongren the general engineer of the Ministry of industry and information (Vice Minister), Mr. Xu Jinghu the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, Mr. Cai Fangcai the counselor of the Chinese business office in Switzerland, Mr. Nagata Kuniki, vice secretary of the Shenzhen municipal government, and Mr. Zhu Shunhua, vice president of the Shenzhen Watch Association, and other leaders of the government and the Association come to RARONE booth and visited classic collections.

Mr. Zhan Xizhou, the chairman of the RARONE watch, accompanied his staff with a tour of the mission to explain the unique design ideas of RARONE for commerce culture, and invited them to try the star watch “spring and autumn period time collection”. The mission has given a very high evaluation to RARONE which ranking into the world's first-class clocks &watches with the positive inheritance of Chinese culture, and development of the business civilization for a long time. Also encourage RARONE to keep the whole world in view, develop freely to make bigger and stronger.

The Mission from the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland visited RARONE booth and took a group photo

Impression of China Collection

"Impression of China" is a collection of theme design products that RARONE was pioneered firstly among China. It is rooted in Chinese social humanities, natural geography, extracts material and inspiration, combines the soul of the wristwatch design with the essence of the featured culture, and displays the extreme charm of the China style in a small piece. It is expressive of the interpretation and unremitting effort of the beauty of Art

Possessed China Style with extreme elegant---Spring and Autumn period time collection

The "Taoist" spring and Autumn Festival period time collection from RARONE show a deep respect for Chinese Taoist culture. The tao-te handed down for the first Taoist books which contains to strengthen self-cultivation, run a state steadily and are going out of the world, coming into the world. Even Now, for business, it is still a rare poetic philosophy of self cultivation with intelligent and wisdom.

With the extreme of simplicity to show open-minded beauty, the dial will be used by the shading by Dao-Te, and the elegant scripts come all over pieces from the wristwatch but non-complicated design, a perfect illustration to show “Simple are the excellent”.The unique design of the back through sapphire crystal glass can be clearly seen the head sculpture by half light silvery white with carved and good sterero feeling. The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The Name that can be named is not the eternal Name

Rooted in China and influence the world--- BOAO wisdom collection is designated by Boao Forum for Asia

The Boao Forum for Asia sponsored by 25 Asian countries and Australia. It provides a high-level dialogue platform for the government, enterprises and experts and scholars to discuss economic, social, environmental and other related issues. The head of state of the United States, France, Russia and other countries, all the leaders of the Chinese presidents and other national leaders have attended the meeting and delivery an important speech.

The first brand RARONE watch of China commerce watch is the long term partner of Boao forum for Asia. And it is the official business protocol list designated by the Boao forum for Asia. President Zhan Xizhou and general manager Zhan Jiangzhou, as the representative of the clock industry, have been invited to attend the annual meeting of the forum for 5 years to discuss the survival and opportunities of private enterprises.

The Boao Wisdom Collection ,which was made specially at the annual meeting for the forum presented to the international political and business elites, and got the good reviews from the participant.

RARONE always adhering to the idea of “Good design will never be old, but classical”.

And reflect the history and culture by design, which also convey the noble pursuit with the exact demanding, supporting the business elite to depict a new world in the new generation of commerce.

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