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Rarone has been awarded the title of “Shenzhen well-known brand” again

On April 25, 2015, the fifth international high-end forum on brand building and the Twelfth "Well-Known brand of Shenzhen" were held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Based on Shenzhen's famous watch brand RARONE , it won the "Shenzhen Well-Known brand" titles of honor. Leaders of the state and relevant state departments, senior officials of international organizations, leaders at all levels in Shenzhen, top promotion agencies of international brands and top brand enterprises at home and abroad are gathered together to share the first-rate brand banquet.

RARONE “Shenzhen Well-Known Brand “ honour plague.

As the only platform for promoting brand construction in the country, Shenzhen well-known brand evaluation committee has been analyzing the needs of brand construction from the macro and micro perspectives of brand construction, and providing evaluation opinions. The "Shenzhen well-known brand" Achievement conference, the committee invited the State Council Zhang Gang, the founder of China's brand theory Ai Feng, the international famous brand Spanish ZARA Group executives, HUAWEI CEO and investment, Ping An , Zheng Wei, MINDRAY and other enterprise Summit make professional lectures and exchange dialogue

Taking group photo with many Shenzhen well-known enterprises and government leaders.

Rarone passed consecutive two times review and has been awarded the title of “Shenzhen well-known brand” again

Rarone has been in Shenzhen for 19 years since its move from Wenzhou in 1996. Rarone is recognized as well-known Brand and has become a famous business card in Shenzhen. Rarone watch, as the leading brand of business watch, has been going forward on the road of brand building, creating a brand of wristwatch that satisfies the user experience with trustworthy, and has gained more than 100 national innovation technology and appearance patents for many years. So Far, Rarone has achieved comprehensive strategic cooperation with top business, Mao industry, Ginza, Baisheng and other top business systems by virtue of strong strength, There are nearly 2000 retail chain stores around the nation.

In the future, Rarone Watch, as the leading brand of business watch, committed to realize the company vision of "Hundred-Year Old and World-Class Watch Brand".

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