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“Time With Love, Art With Emotional”----RARONE Watch Contribute to Public Welfare

Non profit foundation signed on 9th, Dec. in Shenzhen which was advocated by the Shenzhen care and action public fund and sponsored by Shenzhen Watch & Clock industry association. The special fund that provide caring enterprises and artists – “Time with Love”. Mr. Zhan Xizhou, chairman of Shenzhen Rarone watch Co., Ltd., as the representative of the sponsor of the fund, and Mr. Zhu Shunhua, President of the Shenzhen Clock & Watch industry association and other business representatives, attended the unveiling ceremony

The foundation specially hired professor Yang Xuejun, a famous sculptor in Guangdong, as an art advisor to the senior advisory group, and 8 artists from the field of photography, dance, painting and other art fields to become the ambassador of the fund.

As the first special fund in Shenzhen combined with enterprise, artist, and public organization, it will be committed to guiding and promoting more artistic and caring enterprises to actively engage in public welfare and to promote the integration and innovation of art and public welfare. At the same time, it will also create a development platform for more people who love the art and support the development of special children's talents. And undertake to public welfare projects such as art education and poverty alleviation in poor and backward areas.

“The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine ", as a famous wristwatch brand, Rarone fulfills social responsibility of enterprise over long time a period of time. and dedicate in supporting the development of public welfare undertakings. Through this special fund, we actively promote the development of Chinese art and culture, and use the charm of art to brighten the power of public welfare. Rarone hopes that the artistic dream can light up the hearts of more people

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