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Rarone Once Again Got the National AAAA Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise

Shenzhen Rarone Watch Industry Company past the audit by Shenzhen Standardizing engineer and research company’s specialist, and once again got the prize of National AAAA Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise, which marked Rarone’s standard system entered into a new step.

On-site Assessment

Assessors Team

Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise started in 2014 by National Bureau of Quality Inspection, which is aimed to carry out serial national standards system and force enterprise to improve products quality and market competiveness.

Good Standardizing Practice Certificate

Rarone begins to carry out Enterprise Standardized system since 2011 and got its honor in 2012, it runs well for three years until now; Assessors by checking relative documents and record, visiting on site production and technical center lab, giving high and good praise to Rarone watch company.

Assessors Visiting Rarone Company

As a leading business watch brand, Rarone insist on quality first as the operating idea.

We strictly control the quality design as well as manufacturing process.

Adhere to the national standard and international standard as operational norm, committed to providing consumers with high standards, high quality and high efficiency brand experience.

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