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It is with a breathtaking event that INHORGENTA MUNICH started into its 43rd season on 12th.Feb 2016.The exhibition was founded in 1974, located in the European Economic and Cultural Center Munich. INHORGENTA MUNICH is an international platform focusing on one of the world's largest jewelry and luxury watch. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, The event consists of various, famous and top watch brand. It’s a good chance for visitors and collector to know current trends from different parts of the world with elegant products.




This is the first show of China's Watch Group in Munich, More than 10 brands in China. All the well-known watch and accessories brands at home, RARONE is one of an excellent representative of the exhibition with the Chinese Pavilion, Together with many world famous and outstanding brand on the stage to share information and exchange ideas.



Rarone displayed the highly approval of Outstanding Collection, Shield of Knight Collection and BOAO Wisdom Collection, which shows the brand culture of independent and innovative design to the world through the Munich exhibition.



Germany has high quality horological technology and culture heritage. Rarone participated in the Germany exhibition this time, taking the watch culture and fashion culture to jointly develop the infinite charm of watches with the world famous brands, and make more high quality goods for watch lovers in the future.

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