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New Generation, New Strength Rarone Amazing at Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair

The most influential watch industry event—the 28th China Watch & Clock fair held from 22 th to 25th, Jun. 2017 in Shenzhen, China. RARONE with a new posture “New Generation, New Strength” participated in this grand show. Rarone will give the reply from the products innovation on how to think deeply and react on young consumers’ attitude towards wristwatch. We dare to explore the exclusive and new design to make us standout from the market.


The president Light Industry Association 张崇和, The Vice president China Watch Association, 张宏光 and 丁言行 come our visit factory to guide.


The president Light Industry Association and The president China Watch Association 陶小年 come our visit factory to guide.


New Generation can be read as the young generation's concept of watch consumption and the new attitude towards watch fashion. New Strength on behalf of us,faced with new opportunity and responding towards market adjustment by proactively addressing.



Rarone Pavilion is composed of an abstract circular dial with a wavy band this year, which has great visual impact with the light. White lines like piano keys around the booth wall, which is smooth and graceful and perfectly melted time and elegant life. A time tunnel set up at the entrance to allow light shadow back and forth, it is to lead a new business experience and trend. The water curtain wall of the booth symbolizes the perfect integration of the flow of time, and can reach more vivid show effect.



Rarone aims to meet demand of new generation businessman and launched full new collection, which called Simple and Elegant collection. A more youthful fashion design is an important manifestation of brand innovation in the direction of maintaining youth. From 22nd -25th.June, RARONE waiting for you to explore the “Sercret of time”of together at booth number AA-W2, hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.



At the 2017 Watch & Clock Fair, the Shenzhen Watch Association also ushered in the 30th anniversary grand ceremony. Mr. Zhan Xizhou, the chairman of RARONE Watch, as one of outstanding businessmen which selected by Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, witnessed this anniversary event and won the prize of innovative and excellent brand. In the past thirty years, Shenzhen Watch Association has actively contributed to the development of industry and enterprises in the past days, what’s more. They provided information and resources integration for enterprises. Helped the growth and development of many Watch &Clock enterprises, and made great contributions to the flourishing development of the clock industry.



In the evening of ceremony, RARONE brings more than 10 creative design-styles during the watch show to support the event. Together with influential figures, all of us celebrate this grand 30th Anniversary by enjoying this solemn evening party.



From creating brand to becoming one of the top five watch brands in China, RARONE is also constantly innovating in the fields of technological innovation and technology reform. RARONE is a "China famous trademark", "Shenzhen Old and Famous Brand", "AAAA grade standardization good behavior enterprise", and has been involved in the drafting of national industry standard implementation documents. Also build the China's first watch college, RARONE watch always keep an open attitude in the industry to promote the development of the industry and make substantial contribution. RARONE brand developments of the thirty years with the development of the industry are all the way. Wishing the better the association will be, the greater glories will be made.


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