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Jia Nailiang, the New Brand Ambassador Appeared at Rarone Products Launch Conference of Knight Collection

The famous film actor Jia Nailiang wears a black jacket appeared at New –Mart, Daqing city, Heilongjiang province. As Rarone’s fully new ambassador, he attended the product launch of Knight Collection with the theme of Changeable knight and lighting up the new trend.

Rarone Company signed the contract with Jia Nailiang as the new brand ambassador.

During the conference, he was invited to trial wear the new product and showing the changeable knight style.

It is worth mentioning that site design was full of sense of science and technology, very colorful and eye-catching, attracted many audiences to come to watch the ceremony, the event was full of enthusiasm. During the press conference, brand

ambassador Jia Nailiang interacted enthusiastically with fans, participated in mini-games to quickly ignite the atmosphere, and at the same time displayed all the features of the new watch.

During this event, Rarone released the new product of Knight Collection. The inspiration of the watch design comes from medieval Roman knight spirit of fearless.

The dial incorporates the elements of a mysterious knight mask and shield, and the hands are designed in a sword shape. Each second of rotation seems to bring time back to the heart-wrenching history of medieval Europe. The steel band material of the dial makes each watch a work of art to be treasured. Whether it is the overall layout or the elaborate design of the details, it shines the light of art and the amazing artisan skills.

addition to regular models, Jia Nailiang, Rarone brand new ambassador jointly released a new concept watch with Rarone leaders, which is limited to 100pcs.

A unique case shape is made of carbon fiber which is fullof personality and freshness.

This high-tech carbon fiber material is more prominent in performance, amplifying the advantages of "light weight and high hardness". In addition to the value of the material, compared to other carbon fiber material models, this new concept watch brings us an infinite sense of futuristic. The black and blue color watch case presents a mysterious pattern, showing a charming matte textures. The cool and exquisite matte surface and breakthrough color jump design all show the fearless spirit of RARONE's neo-knighthood. Paired with the wrist, it is the leading edge of fashion.

In the future, RARONE will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, bringing you more amazing works of art.

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