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Sun Honglei comes to Rarone Watch of Knight Collection in the flash labs

  Rarone Watch Brand with a flash shop “Knight labs “was hold in the Changsha Shopping mall for a week. Sun Honglei participated in the launching of new watches of knight collection and upgrade brand.

“Rarone Watch Knight labs” inspired from an adventurous spirit and incorporated lab designs into the new dial which aim to make smooth interactive experiences. Combined with fashion element, and adopted indefinitely extend like led mirror, neon, magnetic accessories. And put new design watches to maintain a vertical floating orientation and create visually striking. Games from getting across labyrinth, vending machines, taking pictures through 3D technology.

A new landmark of Changsha came out to provide unforgettably powerful experiences. As a spokesperson, Sun honglei visited and experienced interactive installations, played games with audiences, and coming to release new watch with limited version 100pcs,also upgrading for Rarone Brand.

Upgrade branded from different visuals, such as product, package, channels, etc.
From the creative activities of the Knight Lab flash shop, through online topic creation and content communication, offline immersive participation experience, allowing consumers to better understand the brand's "fun" "young", and has succeed in interaction online and offline, enable consumers feel the dynamic of Chinese brands.

The new series of Knights is designed with dauntless determination like Roman Knight. The dial incorporates the mysterious knight mask and shield elements.

A sword shape hand symbolizes the warrior strength of character by each moving.

  The Knight Series concept watch (limited to 100 pieces) for the cutting-edge crowd, unique in the shape of case and carbon fiber, full of personality and originality.

 Rarone has always advocated the brand concept of “Along with time”, meaning that young people can control their own time, reflect your personal tastes and trend attitudes, those who take a broader view and manage to go beyond tradition and be brave and be their own knight!

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