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RARONE Opens a New Chapter of "Along With Time" Attends the 30th Shenzhen Int’l Watch Exhibition

   The 30th Shenzhen Int’l Watch Exhibition exhibited at Shenzhen Convention center on 20th to 23rd, June, 2019. Rarone has the theme of fully new brand concept “Along with Time”, which build new era of Made in China for watches. For a long time, Rarone hope to witness passionate time, to help people accurately understand the time and motivate them to explore the world in a timely manner, with a fearless and firm elite attitude.

   Has broken through the rules and created a space for an immersive experience as if you are on the watch dial.

   Rarone has broken through the rules from close design to an open booth style. Acrylic materials full of scientific and technical characters. Round booth with Roman numerals from one to twelve, which made visitors as if walking on dial and created a special and amazing space experience.

Products witness the brand keep forward

8pcs blue acrylic with a height of 2meters, displayed the different designs from different views such as crafts, materials and quality standard certificate since Rarone established. The most typical one is knight collection launched in 2012, which Mr. Sunhonglei involved in the design and perfectly interpreted the innovative and personalized style of Rarone watches.

Celebrity Products Highlights Brand Strength

4pcs acrylic pillars with the height of 5meters displayed three celebrity product collections. The booth has Roman numerals from one to twelve to demonstrate three different collections.

Knight Collection

It is mechanical man watch for knight collection. The inspiration originated from knight spirit of mid-Age with the elements of shield, sword and spear, which melted ancient knight spirit into modern business culture. All these symbolize the city elites who are determined to make progress and decisive.

Boao Collection

It designed for Boao Forum of Asia in 2018, which presented to the political and business elites who attended this conference. Rarone has cooperated with Boao Forum of Asia for 9 years since 2010. The watches melted the forum spirit of equal reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation. To be a new generation of business men, this one can be your first choice.

Build a Dream of a Hundred Year China Wristwatch Brand

Rarone aims to be a brand to compete with international brands so that to enhance the brand competitiveness in watch industry.

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