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Boao ? Dingzhi Collection of Rarone watch Appeared in Boao Forum for Asia

  From March 26th to 28th, a conference of Boao Forum for Asia with more than 2,000 outstanding political and business people from more than 60 countries and regions was officially launched to discuss "common destiny, joint action and common development". Rarone Watch has been the official business watch for the Boao Forum for Asia for continuous 10 years. This year, it has appeared on the forum on time to witness the moment of thought collision.

  Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou, the general manager of Rarone Watch, was invited as an excellent business entrepreneur to listen to the views of all walks of life and brought a new commemorative watch. There are several keywords that must be mentioned in this Boao Forum for Asia: cross-border e-commerce, big data era, AI artificial intelligence, 5G and Internet of Things, sharing economy. Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou exchanged views with outstanding political and business people on the spot with his unique insights to discuss economic themes. In line with the new era, Rarone will also embrace new markets with unique design concepts and product ideas.

Photo for Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou and Mr.Jin liqun, the Asian Investment Bank Governor

Photo for Mr. Zhan Jiangzhou and Mr.Xie Guoming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thailand Chia Tai Group

   As a domestic watch brand, Rarone always pays attention to the national economic development, supports and actively implements the national economic policy, and promotes products to go abroad and go international. Since 2011, Rarone has designed the Boao Dingzhi series of watches with commemorative value for the Boao Forum for Asia. Each of them incorporates a progressive spirit of Boao, and also shows the steady temperament of political and business circles from all walks of life. This year, Rarone is still using the exquisite craftsmanship to create the 2019 new Boao • Dingzhi Memorial Business Classic Watch, forging Chinese timing quality.

   The outer ring and the hour hand of the watch are decorated with gold color, and the Roman scale and the big three-hand design make the watch overall simple and elegant. It is equipped with an imported quartz movement with precise timing and excellent precision. Spherical glass, the overall shape is more round and full, the dial uses a circular line to outline the surface of the earth, meaning the spread of the spirit of Boao. The 6-hour curved calendar window won’t let you miss any important days.

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