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Burning! Rarone Watch for 2019 Marathon Timekeeper in Chengdu

  Chengdu Marathon got started in Dujiangyan on 17th.March.More than 30,000 people gathered at Fenghuang stadium and get ran. It began at 8 o’clock. Rarone as the only timekeeping which officially designated by Chengdu Marathon, Rarone watch makes a record at every single wonderful time for runners.

  The beginning from Fenghuang stadium, and pass through Xuanhua Gate, Panda vally and tourist route around the mountain (panda greenway created by the people’s government of Dujiangyan, and ended at Qingcheng Mountain, a world cultural heritage site.30, 000 runners from 29 countries were ready on the most beautiful track. They still kept the passion flesh although it’s rainy. Its fifth year of Chengdu Marathon and has a special meaningful this year.

  Rarone and Chengdu Marathon has signed a five-year strategic cooperation, and as a precise timekeeper every year. Rarone opened a memorable booth there to show and send out friendly souvenir paper watch. There is also an unique photo spot to have a picture as a souvenir.

  It is worth mentioning that Rarone also gave runners of Chengdu Marathon a new public welfare method. Participants only need to fill in the timecard and submit to the Rarone booth. All donors have accumulated a certain amount, and Rarone will donate amount accordingly to the poor children in Liang Shan for student transportation subsidy. According to the final accumulated mileage. Rarone will donate RMB5000 total to convey their love.

  “The time you run is the time when a child walks to school. This is the public welfare meaning of Chengdu marathon for runners. We believe that every runner in the city has a heart of love.”
On the day of start, Rarone runners also appeared on the beautiful track. They wave Rarone flag and help Rarone Watch charity run. The spirit of never stopping and follow-through embodied the mission and sense of responsibility of Rarone people who never forget their original intention.

  After contesting, the runner Shengtuo Ti who came from Kenya won the men’s race as a champion in 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 49 seconds. And a Chinese girl named Yangchun hua won the women’s race in 2 hours, 46 minutes and 1 second.

  Marathon spirit is the courage to challenge the limit and confidence to surpass oneself, the perseverance and determination never to give up. The design concept of Rarone watch is exactly the interpretation of such a tough business spirit as nails. Every single people have his or her own specialty. For love and public welfare in this event, it will bring a kind of all-new social power.

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