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Rarone attended 2018 The Asia summit about development of the Belt and Road

  The important cooperation initiative of jointly building the SilkRoad Economic Beltt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road was on the agenda in 2013. "The belt and Road" is fully realized over 5 years.It got the communitys high praise. On its five anniversary"the belt and road" way" Asian People Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen 25th-26th.Aug.Based on the principles of "For the world economic and win-win cooperation", the community share idea about the economic development,and launch a brightsparks collision.

   This forum was promoted by Shenzhen media group financial channel and Thailand satellite TV station.Zhou Ke Ren,Vice-Minister for trade,Wang Peng Di,Vice-premier minister of Thailand.countries along the routes,national ambassador and dignitaries.German,United Kingdom,France,Hongkong,Vietnam,South Korea around 30 countries and a few area Diplomatic,world’s top five hundred business representatives attended the meeting.

  Rarone watch as an official souvernir of Asia summit,witnessed some good moments,and record new financial development of wisdom and achievement.Wang Peng Di,Vice-premier minister of Thailand,Zhou Ke Ren,Vice-Minister for trade,Yang Si Zhuo,Vice-president of world union college made a speach and expressed beautiful vision of “The belt and road”,also idea about win-win cooperation in this new economy.

   The theme of "Come out, and bring in for development opportunities ”and ”New economy forum” The new economy development and economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region were studied by many trades and professions.

   After the meeting,Zhan Wen Ming,deputy general manager were interviewd to hear about “The belt and road” and open development of the enterprise.In the meanwhile,Rarone will be handed with Outstanding Contribution and as an official souvernir of Asia summit.

   The development of the Belt and Road is open and inclusive. all countries and international and regional organizations in this Initiative and benifit most.Rarone Group firmly believed win-win cooperation is essention on the path to the success of brand development.Facing the intensely competition market enviroment.adapting to the excellent situation of opening up,maintain the overall cooperation to move forward into a better future for brand. Rarone group listen carefully to trades and professions suggestions and idea.Using a lower key attitude through learning and Innovation for for joint growth and mutua lsuccesses with opening economy.

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