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Passionate Moment Before Anyone Else:Rarone Watch Open an Multidimensional Strategic Cooperation with Football Clubs in Shenzhen

Russia world cup has just come to a close. New waves of football has hit in 18th.July. Rarone watch and Football team held a strategic signing ceremony, release the cooperative products. Zhan wenming, deputy general manager and Li xiaogang, the standing deputy general manager of football club attended ceremony and witness Rarone and Shenzhen football team together. It is first time football club and wristwatch brand with extraordinary cooperation significance hand in hand.

Zhan wenming, deputy general manager delivered a speech on the ceremony express a good vision of cooperation with them. It spreads fighting and struggling spirit of success. It’s the cooperation of spirit more than just business.

Zhan wenming deliveried a speech

Li xiaogang, the standing general manager of Shenzhen football club uses three “Movement” to sum up of cooperation with Rarone: it is the moment of passionate for success; the moment of Shenzhen for process and the moment of glory for honor.

Li xiaogang,the standing general manager of Shenzhen football delivery a speech

Subsequently, the media interviewed the representatives of both sides with details of future cooperation.Mr Zhan wenming say Rarone will provide official timing service for football club,also will create sport wristwatches linked with professional and experienced designers.

After that, we come to watch the football and catch a glimpse of them.Rarone carton characters “Leixiao nuo”appears on the court and interacted with football player. It has attracted crowd of onlookers

Rarone watch pay attention to the development of national sports before cooperated with footballclub.It has signed 5 years of of strategic cooperation with Chengdu Marathon offical timing service before Beijing half- marathon.Cheers for sports,and continue extension of Rarone sportmanship of”Competitive with the time”

Rarone watch always advocate the integration of sports spirit and daily life.Show your ownself and embrace our splendid lives which echoes the business spirit of city for struggling success


Founded in 1994, Shenzhen Football Club is the only professional football club in Shenzhen to compete in high level leagues and founding members of the Chinese football Super League.They win a couple of games in advance in the Premier League title in 2004,  run into the Asian Champions League of last four, the best record of the Chinese club Asia crown. And became”Name card”of Shenzhen.This season, the former Real Madrid coach Carol coach,  Xu Liang, Guan Jin, Chi Min, Zhang Yuan, Xu Yang and other former national team members,as foreign aid Presiado for the former Colombian international, foreign aid Dibba for the Gambia Active International. The team also has Zu Pengxu, to Be Xu, Ganchu, such as a group of former youth team young potential players.

Together with Shenzhen brand Rarone watch, aims to promote the development of Shenzhen football,and create a better future of Shenzhen local brand. In the next cooperation time, Rarone and Shenzhen Football Club will continue to launch a series of fans and sports activities, and expanding cooperation  in the fan operation, football culture, public welfare activities and other aspects.Let us work together to create a better future of chinese football.

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