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Time is Love! Star Kids Paintings Meet at Shenzhen Watch Fair on 22nd,Jun. 2018

Shenzhen Arts Public Fund “Time is love” greeted visitors by unique aesthetic experience at the 29th.Watch Clock Fair in Shenzhen. A group of”Star kid” created their innocent paintings with pure and poetic perspective. From their works, we can feel sincere relationship between the children and arts and expressing the love.

Art Public Fund Time is love” established painting class to help the special star kids who are talented in painting making their art dream come true, which is an ordinary time increment. This not only helps these children, but also adds warmth to the society. The world in the eyes of Star Kids is actually very colorful. They show their superiority and artistic talent when creating paintings. They know how to observe the world with a more detailed perspective, to know the world, and to be more artistic in art.

They are not special and mysterious patients; they are group children with distinctive perception and individual thinking logic.

Mr Zhan Xi Zhou, the president of Rarone watch and Zhu Shun Hua, the associate director, and chairman of watch industry attended the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony at the event. At the same time, Rarone received the qualification certification and keep cheering for kids

Mrs Peng Yina,associate director of the art public fund gave a voice for kids and have a vision to cultivate the kids.

Mr Zhan xi zhou bought one panting of (Sailing in wind) to encourage them keep going on the art path. The painting render out longing and yearning for the vast universe in their heart.

Children are more concerned about their emotions than ordinary person. They like to explore nature, have plenty of imagination and creativity. Also treat life seriously, refuse stereotypes to make more gorgeous in their world. There is no need to go to the end of the world, or to escape from the darkness of the invasion; they enjoy the light, but also inspiration of the dark for their paintings. Each has story. When Time is love, time will become warmer. We have to give them more time and love to help them reach the world and express themselves. Rarone will continue to encourage them creation and support the "Time is love" art public fund. Let time and love to enhance the world!


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