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“Casual Business and Slow Life” 2018 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, Rarone Salutes to Beautiful Timepiece

The 29th China (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 21st to 24th, Jun. 2018. Rarone presented at it with a brand-new look of “Casual business, slow life”, and provided a charming timepieces feast for the visitors. Rarone broke through its tradition and made new booth design which was closely related to life and work status. After seriously considering the lifestyle of modern citizen, Rarone has made constructive answers to brand concepts and product innovations. A new generation of business classic watches has made a new interpretation, dare to break through the brand personality, pay tribute to the time.

This year the theme of exhibition is “Casual business and slow life”. Compared with a conservative traditional business image, “Casual business “makes it to another level. It’s not only a simple definition for career, but also young professional’s attitude towards life and working. They maintain a balance between noisy city life and busy working. “Casual business” is an attitude toward life, a health state of mind, and positive struggling, high self-confidence.


 “Slow life” does not mean delaying. A person is good at managing time so that to really enjoy life. Struggling blinding is against comfortable life for modern citizen. More haste, less speed as old saying. Health mind is sustainable for self-development

to the heavy working people.


“Slow life” is to find balance in life, every one of us should work and rest for quality and happy life. The way for quality time is to make life delicate, simple and quality instead of slow speed. It’s just right back to comfortable, harmonious prospect.


Rarone watch puts its concept into existing exhibition. The basic structure embodies the concept of “Casual business, slow life”. The exhibition design reflects the elegant slow life and focus on quality and every detail. This exhibition replaced the style with minimalism and cosy.Insteading of products displaying, it draws attention to real life. When you presented at it, you will feel that is the high quality lifestyle what people long for. Concept of“Casual business, slow life” was well interpreted,

which brings a new life experience when shuttle back and forth between the light and shade.

Rarone is trying to diversify its products, and make them in harmony with the scene, channel, and walls. Always focusing on user experience and highlighted the brand culture. Rarone brought variety of items and allow its maximum demand for the wearer. Such as symbolizing the spirit of knight, romantic fashion lady watch. etc. From classic business to personalized collection appears elaborate craftsmanship. Rarone expects to go ahead with you and enjoy beautiful timepieces.

Mr Zhan xi zhou,the president is communicating with the guest

Mr zhan wen ming,gerneral manager is accepting special interview with TV in Shenzhen

China Watch&Clock industry held the annual ceramany during the exhibition and Rarone was awarded “Top 10 ENTERPRISES OF HORLOGE INDUSTRY IN CHINA LIGHT INDUSTRIES”

Rarone honored”China Famous brand watch”


From building brand to become top 5 brand in china.Rarone are opening arms to embrace the whole world with new chance.Focus on continuing to explore users experience and craftmanship. Rarone won a state of high-tech enterprise,AAAA standard enterprise and other over hundred honors and directly involved in watch industry standard drafting.Rarone keep going ahead tirelessly,just like its interprete in the fair.Time will tell everything.And are full confidence national watch industry is getting better and better.


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